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dr frankie jackson-spence MBChB (Hons) BMedSc (Hons) PGCAP

Medical Doctor 

Clinical Research Fellow in Genitourinary Oncology 

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let's meet

i'm dr frankie jackson-spence, medical doctor and clinical research fellow in oncology

dr frankie jackson-spence graduated from university of birmingham in 2018 with an honours degree in medicine and surgery  (MBChB).

dr Frankie is currently working as a clinical research fellow in genitourinary oncology and is undertaking her phd in bladder cancer.  she has a keen interest in cancer clinical trials.


Alongside her medical practice, she runs an educational social media page @drfrankiejs where she provides accessible evidence-based health content and busts the common health myths.

she is also the host of popular health and lifestyle podcast 'vision of health' which has featured in the spotify charts.

dr frankie is available to comment on health topics in the press and to speak at brand and corporate events.

for brand collaborations please contact below.

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press features

branded content

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